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This Placement 50/50


  one path leads to another (i am trapped in a valley of numbers)
twelve – i am here
dead fishes trapped under ice
still breathing
six – counting annuli to calculate our future
seven – holding you in my dreams
#three – i am
    eight – i was
nine – there were some complications
i can’t remember
pedals with the sounds of silence
containing the grief of yesterday
and the facilities of tomorrow

i would set myself on fire for you (not anymore)

i used to collect tears of strangers
who claimed to furtive loose their feelings
my man was a boy with a vulnerable body and crystalline fluid
violet ancient wooden icicles
mutilated flesh
scattered all over our memories
with our thrones transformed into thorns our trinity was divided into indrawn pain

The Saddest Landscape
Forever Losing Sleep

falling out of love